Linen fabrics

Below, in the photos, we present an offer for Manufacturers, Retailers, Designers, and Linen Enthusiasts.

An unlimited palette of colors and finishes is available. Safe and durable dyeing, with no worry about color loss during use and care.

We can dye from 200 linear meters in an unlimited palette, for example, according to Pantone colors.

Our bleaching process follows the strictest environmental standards, preferring hydrogen peroxide-based agents over chlorine.

We offer various widths: 150 cm, 230 cm, 285 cm, and 320 cm, with limited shrinkage of 3-4% and a soft finish (stonewashed).

For these reasons, many manufacturers and designers choose our linens for making clothing, bedding, curtains, throws, towels, tablecloths, napkins, upholstery, decorative pillows, bags, bathrobes, and aprons.

For more information about our fabrics, please visit each category in the gallery.

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