Linen socks

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Linen socks provide an ideal climate for your feet. Socks containing linen offer natural antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic properties. Thanks to these characteristics, they don't leave an unpleasant odor even after extended wear.

Nature-based linen socks lead to fewer allergies and sensitivities. They also have high hygroscopicity and breathability. Linen is especially good for your feet due to its moisture-absorbing capabilities, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

Linen socks are highly resistant to friction and stretching. They don't accumulate static electricity, so you won't experience any unpleasant electric shocks while wearing them.

Striped linen socks are designed to fit your feet comfortably, without causing pressure, restricting blood flow, or leaving unsightly marks.

Linen socks are long-lasting. Linen in socks becomes progressively softer with each wash, taking care of your foot health.

To provide comprehensive care for your feet, you can complement linen socks with linen insoles for shoes.

Linen insoles + linen socks. Versatility all year round.

REUSABLE - SUITABLE FOR WASHING (machine or hand wash) Linen shoe insoles offer thermoregulatory properties and moisture-absorption capabilities, ensuring freshness for your feet and footwear throughout the day.

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