Linen socks

Ankle socks

Comfortable sock. Unlike footies, they are slightly higher, and the enlarged loops at the end of the leg gently envelop and protect the ankle.

Difference in one of the photos (on the left is a footie, on the right is an anklet).

Linen anklets take care of a healthy climate around the foot.

Without unnecessary additives. The nature of linen and the addition of cotton ensure rest for the feet throughout the day.

Minimal addition of synthetic fibers, below 3%.

The extended cuff with large loops does not leave an unwanted ring on the leg and securely holds the sock in place.

For sports and lightweight footwear, and anyone who likes them. Recommended as discreet skin protection.

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brak wyników spełniających kryteria.


Natural materials provide high absorbency, do not compress, are hypoallergenic, and breathable.

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